Mike Chang Cheated – ...

mike chang cheated
I watch a lot of exercise videos and can tell who's trying to teach and who's trying to reach (into… continue »

Post Workout Protein Shak ...

What does the best post workout protein shake consist of? Simply put: protein and simple sugars. Did you know that… continue »

Lower Belly Exercises  ...

lower belly exercises to burn fat
Being in good shape as well as having that great sexy body is what many people desire. Most often, people… continue »
bsn amino x watermelon review

I have got to be completely honest here…watermelon wasn’t my favorite…and I hate that fact! Here’s why… A few days ago, I came across a few YouTube videos explaining the importance of taking a BCAA supplement before and/or after a workout. BCAAs are support to help aid in recovery. Since… Read article »

beast sports creature pink lemonade review

This review will be on the Beast Sports’ Creature: Pink Lemonade Creatine Complex. Beast Sports claims this product has “five advanced forms of Creatine to fuel muscle growth, increase strength, and accelerate recovery.” I received 2 packets of this stuff (different flavors) so it will be difficult to say whether… Read article »

beast sports amphetalean orange cooler review

I had the opportunity to try Beast Sports’ Amphetalean, Orange Cooler flavor and give you my honest review about this product. This product is designed to “help burn body fat and increase energy while enhancing your mood, mental focus, and clarity.” Their suggested use is to take 1 packet twice… Read article »

crossfit open 15.1

In preparation to find “The Fittest man/woman/team on Earth”, CrossFit holds an Open every year. The Open is available to everyone (2015 registration is closed). It’s the first phase of competition to eliminate those who aren’t the Fittest on Earth. This year, over 200,000 people have signed up. How the… Read article »


Ever since I started doing CrossFit, I’ve seen a LOT of KillCliff advertisements. KillCliff (KC) sells specialized recovery drinks, protein bars, clothing, and accessories targeting the CrossFit community. Since I love everything about Crossfit, I’ve been eager to try the KillCliff products for a while. As a KC affiliate, I’ve… Read article »