I’m Mike. I am a 30 year old guy from Southern California who makes a living building websites. I have always had a passion for fitness and health and would like to share my story with you.

My Story

I grew up active and healthy, playing basketball and volleyball all throughout my childhood. When I got married at 23, I pretty much stopped exercising due to my career as a website designer and developer. I can remember some LONG days working more than 14 hours in front of the computer. Those days were filled with me shoving my face with ice cream, packaged foods, and soda because I needed something “quick.” I couldn’t see my body changing but I’m sure my wife could! I quickly gained 45 pounds within my first 2 years of marriage and found myself weighing in at 235 pounds.

day-1-back day-1-front

I had no idea that I had gained so much weight. It wasn’t until I went bathing suit shopping that I discovered I needed a size 40 inch waist. I told myself that day that I would change my eating habits so I could fit back into my size 34 waist bathing suits.

In early 2010, my wife and I started eating vegan. For a while I was eating nothing but raw fruits and vegetables. After only 1 month of eating this way, I dropped my weight down to 215 pounds! But I still looked fat and did NOT like the way I looked shirtless. Here’s what I looked like weighing in at 215:

day-1-front day-1-back

After learning about P90X in early 2010, I have had the hardest time sticking to the program due to lack of motivation. Sure, seeing videos of great body transformations got me excited for a few weeks but something would always come up in my schedule preventing me from working out. And this needed to stop. I needed to complete the program at least once to gain some sort of credibility. And so I have decided that I would stick with the program no matter what.

So below is my proposed fitness physique and I will be working towards looking like this over the next 90 days. This is the before and after picture of Wayne Wyatt, top beachbody coach and a real inspiration. He’s my same height and I believe I could look like him if I really put a lot of effort into this.


I will be focusing on my diet, making sure I get enough calories and adding Shakeology to the menu, working out hard every single workout, making sure I get enough water and forcing my body to rest so that I can recover. With these 5 things, I will be able to achieve my goals. Let’s do this together. I will be right there helping you and you in turn will be helping me. Together we will reach our goals!

**UPDATE** – I did not complete P90X.

I did, however, complete a program called the TSC Heart of a Champion program. It was a 70 day challenge to help get my life back into shape. Take a look at my 69 day results!

Even thought I did not complete P90X, I have been consistent with eating a proper nutrition and exercising 6 days a week and I have been noticing a huge difference in how I feel and how my clothes fit! I feel more confident and motivated to be more active with my lifestyle. These are just a few of the benefits of working out and eating a balanced nutrition.

If you have any questions or need anything, don’t hesitate to ask! Email me anytime.

All the best,