I had the opportunity to try Beast Sports’ Amphetalean, Orange Cooler flavor and give you my honest review about this product. This product is designed to “help burn body fat and increase energy while enhancing your mood, mental focus, and clarity.”

Their suggested use is to take 1 packet twice daily for the first 3 days. Then continue with 1 to 2 packets twice daily.

Since I only received one packet, I will not be able to give a full review on their claim that this product burns fat.

beast sports amphetalean orange cooler review

beast sports ampthetalean orange cooler nutrition

Upon opening their sample package, the smell was alright; It reminded me of orange Metamucil. The flavor didn’t smell too appetizing.

Tasted just like it smelled: like orange Metamucil. The flavor had a bitter after-taste. I had my wife try it and she couldn’t drink more than 1 sip. It wasn’t the tastiest fat burner I’ve ever had. I’d give the flavor a 2.5 out of 5.

Their recommended amount of water to mix with was 8 oz. I didn’t like the consistency with 8 so I added another 4. Consistency was better with 12 ounces.

This powder did mix fairly well however after about 10 seconds of shaking there was still a few small particles at the bottom of my shaker.

Color was orange/yellow. I know that some drinks don’t add color but I prefer when the color matches the flavor name.

Mental Focus
I imagine taking more packets on a consistent level would help me feel the mental clarity but after taking 1 packet, I didn’t notice any extra focus.

Overall, it’s hard to tell whether this product works or not. Based on flavor alone, I would not buy a full container of it. If you lack focus and don’t like drinking coffee because of the jittery feeling, this might be an option for you.

If you’re interested in trying this product yourself, send an email to the Beast Sports Nutrition customer service team:

info @ beastsports.com (spaces removed to prevent spam)

Here’s the exact email message I sent to get this free sample:

I’m interested in helping spread the word on Beast products by doing a review and YouTube un-boxing video for your BeastMode, BeastPunch flavor. If you offer free samples, I would like to get my review up as soon as possible. Thank you.

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