This review will be on the Beast Sports’ Creature: Pink Lemonade Creatine Complex.

Beast Sports claims this product has “five advanced forms of Creatine to fuel muscle growth, increase strength, and accelerate recovery.” I received 2 packets of this stuff (different flavors) so it will be difficult to say whether this product helps (unless I wake up tomorrow with some extra muscle I don’t have today…let’s hope I do).

beast sports creature pink lemonade review

beast sports creature pink lemonade nutrition

The smell was actually pretty good. It didn’t smell overly processed or “fake”. It smelled pink lemonade as if you had made it from scratch.

Very good taste. The flavor wasn’t overbearing. It was a good flavor and reminded me exactly of pink lemonade. This is something I could drink every day.

Great consistency. Was more watery than powdery and was very light to drink.

Mixed very well with water. I used about 12 ounces and there was no remaining powder after 10 seconds of shaking.

Light pink color with transparency.

Accelerate Recovery
Not sure if this will accelerate recovery or not.

Overall, based on flavor alone, I would buy this product. I can’t say that it increased my strength but only time would be able to tell that.

If you’re interested in trying this product yourself, send an email to the Beast Sports Nutrition customer service team:

info @ (spaces removed to prevent spam)

Here’s the exact email message I sent to get this free sample:

I’m interested in helping spread the word on Beast products by doing a review and YouTube un-boxing video for your BeastMode, BeastPunch flavor. If you offer free samples, I would like to get my review up as soon as possible. Thank you.

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