I have got to be completely honest here…watermelon wasn’t my favorite…and I hate that fact!

Here’s why…

A few days ago, I came across a few YouTube videos explaining the importance of taking a BCAA supplement before and/or after a workout. BCAAs are support to help aid in recovery. Since I have been extremely sore after my most recent workouts, and after watching countless Amino X Watermelon reviews, I decided I should at least try this product to see if it really works.

I found a really great deal of 30 servings for $16.95 from eSupplements.com and ordered it.

If you do order from eSupplements, they offer free shipping on most products, no tax, and if you use the code “ESUPSD10“, you’ll get 10% off.

So while I was waiting for my 30 day supply of watermelon to arrive, I happened to get a free Amino X sample from BSN in the mail.

The same day I got the free sample, I had just gotten home from a hard workout and instantly went for my shaker. I was hoping it was as great as the reviews I watched.

bsn amino x watermelon review

After adding the packet’s contents into my shaker and mixing for a few seconds, I noticed that the video reviews I had watched were correct…to an extent. The drink was effervescent and released a lot of pressure after I opened the lid.

I mixed it with about 12 ounces of water and took my first sip.

The flavor wasn’t as good as I had imagined. Maybe I used too much water? I’d give it a 7.5 out of 10. I was hoping for a 10 out of 10.

The packet mixed very well with water. The smell was fantastic. Everything about this product was fantastic…except for the taste.

With my luck, it turns out I accidentally ordered the grape flavor, not watermelon. So there’s still hope for this product! Grape could be fantastic and I will make sure to add my grape flavor review once I get the product and test it out.

I can say that after trying the drink my body wasn’t as sore the next day as it normally is after similar workouts. I do believe that this Amino X does work and will continue updating this review as I further my use of this product.

If you’re interested in trying BSN’s Amino X, you can try sending an email to their consumer affairs representative:

ppccoach @ help.bsnonline.net (spaces added to prevent spam)

Here’s the exact message I sent to get my free sample…

I was wondering if you offer any free samples? I’m interested in doing an Amino X product review (have heard some good, some bad reviews – want to do my own review) but would be willing to do a product review for your newer products. I can also do an unboxing video as well. Please let me know, thanks!

You don’t necessarily have to say you’re going to post a review but it might help!

If you’ve tried watermelon and can confirm that it would have tasted better using less water, please leave that below in the comments.

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