Over the last few days I’ve watched almost every single CrossFit video from the CrossFit YouTube channel. The games are exciting and it appears that everyone, including the athletes, are having fun. I now want to compete in the games!

So, after doing a bunch of research, I attended my very first Intro session to CrossFit. It was eye-opening! I was exhausted after doing some “easy”, warm-up exercises. It’s a LOT harder than it looks, especially if you’re not in very good shape!

Intro Session, Day 1

3 Rounds of Timed (10 reps each, 5 reps for burpees):
Bodyweight Squats
35 lb. Upright Rows
35 lb. Overhead Presses
8 min. 9 sec.

After my first Intro session I decided to sign up for 1 month, just to make sure this is for me before committing to 6 to 12 months.

Second Intro, Day 2

3 Rounds of Timed (10 reps each):
10 lb. Wall Balls
Ring Pull-ups (45 deg. angle)
Pushups (on knees)
18 lb. Russian Kettlebell Swings
6″ Box Jumps
5 min. 11 sec.

I imagine if you’ve been doing CrossFit for more than a few months, my reps and times are a joke. But for me, this is what I can do. The good thing is I can only improve from here.

After my second Intro session, I was also introduced to two more moves: knees to elbows and ring dips. For knees to elbows, I was able to bring my knees almost up to my elbows 3 times. I didn’t perform ring dips but just held my body up off the ground. I was able to do this for 9 consecutive seconds.

I am proud of where I am and look forward to getting much, much better as time continues.

The two exercises I’m looking forward to being strong enough to perform are: Ring Dips and Muscle Ups – both with the kipping movement.

Ring Dips
Muscle Ups

Here are a few other CrossFit HQ videos I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.

What CrossFit Means to Me

I’ve only been doing CrossFit for 2 weeks (started July 16, 2014) but I already know with a surety that what I say here today will ring true 5+ years from now. CrossFit is a community of individuals with similar goals. Each CrossFit box works together, cheers each other on, and makes working out fun and exciting.

The highlight of my days lately have been waiting for 7pm to come around so I can get my WOD done. Who knew exercising could actually be fun?

During last night’s workout, I felt more confident and open to trying exercises I’ve been too scared to in the past (headstands against a wall). After I completed the WOD, I felt energized, happy, and revitalized.

“I can’t believe it took me SO long to find this place (sport). But now that I’m here…I never want to leave” – Every CrossFit Lover

March 12, 2015

mjfitness crossfit bloody blister It has now been 7 months since I started doing CrossFit and I still love it! Looking forward to watching the 15.3 Open workout tonight after my WOD.

The reason for this update is to share some fun, lighthearted, exciting news (exciting for me).

I got sick and tired of ripping my hands after doing countless kettle bell swings, pullups, etc (which resulted in SORE blisters, bloody and raw). I decided it was time to buck up and buy some hand protection. Many CrossFitters believe that ripping your hands is CrossFit’s “rite of passage” but I think that’s stupid. I’d rather wear some protection and be able to workout the next day than deal with extremely painful blisters. I mean, who wants these, anyway?

I read some reviews and ended up buying a pair of JerkFit’s WODies and Nubs.

wodies jerkfit

wodies jerkfit
wodies jerkfit nubs

The exciting news is that they came in the mail today!!

I will be trying them out tonight during my workout and will let everyone know what I think.

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