Ever since I started doing CrossFit, I’ve seen a LOT of KillCliff advertisements. KillCliff (KC) sells specialized recovery drinks, protein bars, clothing, and accessories targeting the CrossFit community.

Since I love everything about Crossfit, I’ve been eager to try the KillCliff products for a while.

everyone loves killcliff

As a KC affiliate, I’ve been given the opportunity to try a few of their products and give an honest review about them. I want to be completely clear upfront and say that even though I am affiliated (and do receive a small commission if you end up buying a product from this website), my review will be unbiased.

This is my first time ever trying their products, so I will try to give a clear and precise review about them without including any sales-pitchy, “buy my product” nonsense.

This is just one guy’s review of KillCliff products. I hope you find this information helpful!

I’ll be reviewing…

– Recovery Drinks (Free Fall Camo, Tasty, Berry Legit)
– Protein Bar (Chocolate Chip Cookie)

killcliff product reviews

Here’s what I received from KillCliff. Looks like they sent me the damaged, unsellable goods. Oh well, still excited to try them.

Recovery Drinks

“Recover Today. Crush It Tomorrow. Premium Recovery Drink.”

killcliff recovery drinks

Nutrition (per drink)
– 15 Calories
– 25mg Caffeine
– 0g Fat
– About 125mg Sodium
– 12g Carbs
– 1g Protein
– Micro-nutrient for Replenishment
– Hydration & Electrolytes
– Essential Vitamins & Enzymes
– No Sugar
– No Artificial Colors & No Artificial Flavors
– Gluten-Free

Protein Bars

“Function meets Flavor.

killcliff protein bars

Nutrition (per bar)
– 20-21g of Protein
– Only 2-4 Net Carbs
– Gluten Free
– No Sugar Added
– No Artificial Colors
– No Artificial Flavor

Free Fall Camo Recovery Drink –

free fall camo kill cliff recovery drink


My first can: I was too excited to wait until after a workout to try this drink so the day I got the package, I cracked open Free Fall Camo and took a sip.

Free Fall Camo tastes like a slightly-bitter, watered-down ginger-ale, with a mild lemon-lime aftertaste. It wasn’t “the best recovery drink I’ve ever had” and it took the entire can before I started to like its taste.


Carbonation. It felt like I was drinking a “treat.”
No Boost/Crash in Energy. Good drink for late night workouts or people with caffeine sensitivity.
No Headaches.


Sugar-free. Sugar-free products scare me and this is sweetened with “Natural Erythritol (aka tastes like sugar, zero calories).”
Taste. Wasn’t the best flavor but wasn’t the worst.

My second can was taken after a hard workout. I’m feeling positive, the flavor tasted better this time, and I’m actually looking forward for my next Free Fall Camo post workout.

Since KillCliff recovery drinks are not energy drinks, I didn’t experience any jittery feeling after consuming. There is very little caffeine in each drink so anyone with caffeine sensitivity shouldn’t have any problems.

killcliff freefall camo recovery drink

I poured it into a glass to show its color. I prefer drinking from the can.

Taste Free Fall Camo For Yourself »

Tasty Recovery Drink –

tasty killcliff recovery drink

Tasty is Cole Sager‘s preferred KillCliff recovery drink and so I was excited to try this flavor.


Tasty tasted MUCH better than Free Fall Camo however, I must have some type of sensitivity to the sweetener because I did get a small headache after drinking it. This headache could have been the result of drinking this on an empty stomach or from the sucralose. Either way, the headache wasn’t enough of a turn off for me to avoid this drink. I would definitely consider drinking this after a workout.


Taste. After my first sip, the flavor was MUCH better than Free Fall Camo. Tasty tastes like a mixture between Cactus Cooler and Squirt soda.
No Boost/Crash in Energy. Good drink for late night workouts or people with caffeine sensitivity.


Sugar-free. Unlike Free Fall Camo, this drink uses sucralose as a natural sweetener.
Small Headache. I confirm that I too received a very small headache.

killcliff tasty recovery drink

Taste Tasty For Yourself »

Berry Legit Recovery Drink –

berry legit killcliff recovery drink

I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews about their new Berry Legit recovery drink. Apparently most people claim it’s their best-tasting beverage yet.

I disagree.

I think it has a good flavor but Tasty will always beat out Berry Legit.


I will give credit to KC for coming up with a new flavor that tastes pretty good but it wasn’t as sweet as I was expecting. The flavor reminds me of a watered-down, cola with a subtle hint of blackberry (didn’t really get the taste of lemonade). I’m one of those people that likes the flavor of Pepsi better than Coke (sweeter = better tasting). I did notice that the reason I enjoyed Tasty over the other two drinks was because it uses sucralose rather than Erythritol (sweetener).


Carbonation. Had just enough carbonation to keep it exciting.
No Boost/Crash in Energy. Same as the other flavors. No side effects.
No inflammation. These drinks are designed to help you recover better and it did just that.


Sugar-free. Uses Erythritol as a sweetener which didn’t make it as sweet as Tasty.
Taste. Wasn’t as delicious of a flavor as I had hoped. The blackberry taste was bland and I didn’t taste lemonade at all.

killcliff berry legit recovery drink

Poured into a glass to show the Blackberry/Lemonade color.

Taste Berry Legit For Yourself »

Chocolate Chip Cookie Protein Bar –

killcliff protein bar chocolate chip cookie


Overall I think the bar had a great flavor, had just the right amount of protein-to-carbs-to-fat ratio. It kept my hunger under control but I wasn’t happy with the amount of chocolate chips and lack of texture.


Quality Protein. 21g of whey protein per bar.
It’s Filling. This bar has 240 calories and helped keep me full longer than most other protein bars.
Taste. I’ve had my fair share of protein bars in the past and the flavor of the chocolate chip cookie bar was pretty good.


Not enough chocolate chips. The first bar I tried only had 1 actual chip in the entire thing! While the other bars I had did have more chocolate, it needed more chunks of chocolate rather than just a chocolate flavor.
Texture. The bar has a smooth surface. It reminded me of a softened Tootsie Roll.

protein bar killcliff chocolate chip cookie

KillCliff Chocolate Chip Cookie protein bar unwrapped.

Taste Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar For Yourself »

My Final Thoughts

After trying all samples, I noticed that of the three recovery drinks, Tasty was the only one that contained sucralose (and the only one to give me a mild headache) BUT tasted the best overall. I will definitely consider using KillCliff products as my go-to source of pre and post-workout, recovery and protein.

Be cautious if you have sweetener sensitivity (like I did). You might end up with a mild headache or you might not.

The ONLY factor that would prevent me from continually buying their products is the price.

I feel that paying $3.50 per drink and $2.50 per bar is a little too pricey. But if you’ve got the cash and like products that work, I would highly recommend using KillCliff recovery drinks and protein bars for your pre or post-workout snacks.

KillCliff also donates a portion of their sales to the military community (primarily to the Navy SEAL Foundation but also gives to various military and veteran-based charities). If you like giving back, KillCliff is the way to go.

If you have any questions about their products, feel free to shoot them an email: info@killcliff.com.

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  • James

    Great review. Thanks for sharing.

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    Right on, just picked up my first one last night at the box where I workout. I wanted to read a review before trying, thanks for the info, it has helped a lot.:-)))

    • Mike

      Glad my review helped. Enjoy!

  • Lions Den

    This is a great drink I’ve tried it and it helps after working out my body doesn’t feel all out of it.

    • Mike

      Thanks Lions Den. What other products have you tried but didn’t feel they worked?

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