Whew! I just completed the TSC Heart of a Champion program with flying colors! Now, although I didn’t achieve ALL of the goals I set out to accomplish with the TSC program, I did learn that I love working out. In just 10 short weeks of the TSC program, I was able to increase my pushups from 10 to 23. I was also able to increase my reps of maximum chin-ups from 1 to 3. I also cut my running time of 3 miles from 37 minutes to 27 minutes. While these achievements might not scream success to many of you, I was able to accomplish this on my own and feel pretty great about it. You can see my results here.

While I’m in a state of loving to work out, and because I just completed the TSC Heart of a Champion program, I am in the mood to try a workout routine and nutrition plan that is going to shock my body. This program, of which I will start on Monday, December 9, 2013, is called MFT28. Inspired by Greg Plitt, this program is targeted to build lean muscle, increase energy, and burn a ton of fat. It consists of two daily workouts, morning and evening (Monday – Friday), and then an HIIT cardio workout on Saturdays for 20 minutes. The nutrition plan is a little different than what most people are used to; a liquid diet. Most of the meals during the day will be consumed as liquid with one meal in the middle of the day being solid. I remember reading a few months ago that Greg Plitt only eats one meal a day and so I’m assuming this is what works for him. I am willing to give this new program 100% of my energy. I will be giving it my all so that I don’t second guess myself as to if I did everything I could when I see my final results.

The MFT28 Diet

I am writing this portion of the page 5 days after starting the program. Why? Because I have given myself enough time to get a better look into this diet and I must say…I’m really hating it.

If I ate meat, this would be a different story. I could manage eating nothing but plain chicken, beef, turkey, tuna, and vegetables for 28 days as my solid meal. But as someone who does not eat any animal products, there are not a lot of options for solid, protein-only choices. I found some vegan tofurkey kielbasa sausages that I’ve been eating every day (about 1 or 2 daily) along with some vegetables for my 1 solid meal. These sausages are high in calories, protein, fat, and sodium and they’re starting to taste very disgusting. Another reason this diet is difficult on vegans is that buying enough brown rice/pea/soy protein is twice as much as expensive as whey protein and you get 1/2 as much. I’m going through an entire bag of protein powder in less than a week for $50! That is NOT fun.

3 Weeks Into the Program: What I’ve Learned About My Body

I have been doing the workouts for the MFT28 program for almost 3 weeks now. A few days ago I got off track because I started feeling really dizzy and lightheaded. I would stand up and then fall over due to blackouts. I’m not sure why I’m feeling so faint because I stopped following the low carb diet 2 weeks ago. I have been training hard only in the mornings and haven’t been doing the evening workouts. I believe that my lightheadedness is caused from lack of sleep since I have only been getting about 4 to 5 consistent hours of sleep per night. Since I am no longer in my teenage years, and being someone who needs a proper amount of sleep to function, I have decided that I would try to get my sleep back in line with my workout schedule. No more late nights. No more extremely early mornings. I am going to strive to be in bed by 10:00pm and up by 6:00am. That schedule has worked best for me in the past. I don’t know why I changed it for this program. Allowing my body to get enough sleep will get my energy back. On a side note: I have never taking pre-workout supplements before mainly because caffeine doesn’t do anything for me. I opted into buying a caffeine-free pre-workout supplement but that doesn’t seem to work either. So I think it’s a combination of new supplements added to my diet + the lack of sleep + training hard for 2 hours each morning = that is making me feel this way. To be continued…

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