I watch a lot of exercise videos and can tell who’s trying to teach and who’s trying to reach (into your pockets). YouTube is OVERLOADED with these annoying Mike Chang commercials; the types of commercials that are designed to get you to buy a certain product.

While Mike Chang is in shape, his sole purpose…let me say that again…his sole purpose with this pre-workout drink is to get people to buy his product.

mike chang cheated product scam

He recently came out with a short, catchy video where he says that he cheated. This is a marketing scheme where he comes to you fully humble and open about his past. Then, when you’ve forgiven him (because we all make mistakes) he comes at you with this “new product” that’s supposed to be a “shortcut to health and fitness.”

mike chang cheater

He also mentions how this new information is going to get a lot of hateful comments on his channel. The sad, deceptive part is that he never tells you what the product is. Why? Because it’s a really, well-done marketing scheme designed to get you hooked and tell you that you need this product to get his results.

mike chang product doesn't do what it's supposed to

There are no shortcuts when it comes to health and fitness.

I went to his cheated site and within the first minute of the video, he says he’s a trainer and “not a marketer.”
mike chang supplements rip off

As a professional web developer, I know the difference between a website looking to make quick $$$ and others that actually provide quality information. I am 100% certain that this site is intended to get people to buy a product.

For someone who is looking for good, common sense information regarding health and fitness, I will not be spending my money on this guy’s products. There are so many other guys online that actually use the products they’re selling and do the workouts they are teaching. I will link to the guys that are actually in shape; the guys that can teach others how to do pull ups, pushups, squats, etc, while not trying to market to their followers. Chris Krueger, Frank Medrano, and Lazar Angelov are guys that actually work out, that actually have a solid diet plan, and put up YouTube videos that are quality.

** All images on this post are taking directly from Mike’s pre-workout “beast mode” video.

Do you think Mike Chang’s system is a scam? Do you think it works? Let me know in a comment below:

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  • eman

    his system works, it has helped get in shape quickly, i cant believe i changed so fast, that dude works out like crazy, do u watch his videos or u jus bothered about his product

    • admin

      I have nothing against his workouts. I’m just bothered that he’s trying to sell this “secret product” that’s supposed to be so much better than other products when in fact it’s all about how much money he can make. It is clearly a hyped-up, marketing scheme.

      • khai

        If you are bothered about his products, don’t buy em bro… i just stick with his exercise videos on youtube… they”re effective and no money included.

  • Jools

    this dude is a fake people dont buy his stuff!

  • imran

    what I dont get is how come no one ever says that this guy is not even that ripped!! he barely has a six pac!!! he looks a lil puffy and does not have a solid strong look the worst ad he has is for his afterburn drink. I thought this prat was being sarcastic when I first saw the video then it turns out he is serious what a tool

    • admin

      I agree. He does look puffy. It is obvious that he works out but his body isn’t as “ripped” as he should be for selling all of these “get ripped” products.

      • Jay

        You do realize that what you have said is bullshit. He has said it multiple times that he does no cardio which means he doesn’t cut. He could be more ripped i agree but all he does is bulk that’s why he is big and has somewhat of a six pack because he has a small layer of fat over his abs. By my guess he is about 15% body fat and if he started cutting by doing cardio and eats less calories he would be ripped and then this whole bullshit website goes to shame.

        • Mike

          If he’s selling products to get people “ripped”, he should be ripped himself. That’s all there is to it.

  • imran

    PS. the top 5 sites on google are all adverts for this guy dont be fooled by the reviews they are all adverts. he pays people to promote his rubbish, i think the whole fitness industry is a scam it is simple to gain or lose weight or build muscle. people are just lazy ad dont stick to anyone routine long enough to see results, they then complain it did not work

    • admin

      Losing weight and building muscle are easy but they just take time. A lot of people these days are just looking for that “new and improved, quick solution” to their weight loss problems and that’s why the fitness industry does so well financially because they can target and sell to these types of people.

  • ryan

    Hmm….mr admin. So, you say its a marketing scam?

    So I take it you workout yourself?!?
    Your a personal trainer?!?
    Or maybe your a dietician or nutritionist?!?

    Oh no, thats right, your a professional web designer as you stated in this article. I forgot.

    Also, have you looked at the ingredients that are found in his new pre workout drink?? You are calling it a scam after all, so I take it you have looked at the ingredients. Can you please tell me which ingredients in his pre workout formula are not going to help me and which ingredients are doing my body more harm then good.

    And as you seem to be an expert on pre workout formula’s, can you give me a better alternative?

    Hmmmm……didn’t think so?

    Why don’t you watch mike changs 40min video on his product and listen to what’s in the product before you start talking nonsense.

    Do you even have any idea what your talking about? Lol. Your comments are laughable.

    You probably think I’m associated with mike Chang in some way or form. Well, as you can see ‘Mr admin’, I have given my actual email address, which is my full name. You can Facebook me and see yourself I’m a normal guy who lives in England. Not america ‘where mike Chang is based’.

    Everything that mike Chang says in ALL of his videos, he backs up with scientific knowledge, which my own personal trainers at my gym have backed themselves.

    So where is your scientific evidence to prove his stuff is a marketing scam…and as you clearly stated ‘he never tells you what the products is’ when in actual fact in his website he has a 40 min video explaining exactly what’s in his workout drink.

    I wonder if your even going to put this comment up? I will check in a few days.

    • admin

      Thanks for reading my post thoroughly. Oh wait, you didn’t.

      If you did, you would have understood that:
      1) His new video about “Beast Mode” is all about selling a cheaply-made, pre-workout supplement with the illusion that it’s going to transform your body quickly.
      2) There are no shortcuts to health and fitness.
      3) I don’t claim to have tried or used any of his products.

      Next time you post something on someone else’s website, read their post entirely without jumping to conclusions. You’ll get a better response from people and won’t be considered annoying like Mike Chang.

      • Pedro

        Mike is actually a legit dude i been working out for some time an yea it takes time but his short cuts are indeed the quickest way of shedding of pound due to how he based his program . As for his afterburn fuel i seen what his product is and read ingredients and seen other out their who sell fillers instead of actual supplement . Of course their supplements to “help” you . Their not magic like he states its to enhances . So he is actually one legit dude . My info from the videos i seen and knowledge about working he is better than other must admit

      • Jay

        Steroids are a shortcut but in the long run it has a negative effect. So yes there are shortcuts.

    • david

      cant believe you managed to hop off mikes c*** long enough to type that full thing! He’s a scam artist, a good one and the tw** needs to start taking his six pack shortcuts seriously and start working out! theres a video on youtube from another online coach (who doesnt sell anything btw) showing you how he made his from fat to ‘ripped’ video.

  • Thijs

    Lol I wonder if these people are serious, Mike Chang is the biggest fraud on YouTube and has no knowledge about fitness whatsoever. He just used a lot of Dbol and talks basic sh** which everyone already knows. Pedro and Ryan, you are both incredible morons who anoy the f*** out of me lol.

    • Mike

      I appreciate your comment!

  • angus

    fitness is very simple:

    the effort you put in is what makes the difference.

    if you do mikes workouts and put no effort in then you wont see results but if u put effort in you will.

    the same goes for any other training program you do!

  • Isiah Green

    Mike is a good dude and he trains hard. Of course he’s going to make money. He’s a business man. I honestly don’t think you need any product to get a better look. All you really need to do is use your common sense. You are what you eat. Too many people think there’s a quick fix to getting a good body. There is no secret. It just takes consistent hard work and self discipline.

    • Mike

      I agree that Mike is a business man. He might have started off as a guy just looking to help other people lose weight/build muscle but he’s turned into a greedy guy just looking to sell a product.

  • Roland


  • Ameen

    Haters f*** you because it’s all good and easy to cra* on someone about thier wight but I bet the only reasons you guys are trashing on mike is because you guys probably followed him and you read a bunch of hater comments and you guys go wild and I even bet that when you guys were following mike you guys were actually noticing improvements and might even got a girl if it wasn’t for him you guys were probably even braging to your friends about your improvements and people who hate mikes guts because he’s exercises actually work post comments about him and you guys will go right ahead with joy and f***ing turn on him and we all make mistakes we aren’t all perfect we all cheat at something but just hide it and keep it in us like a bunch of rejects so no matter what you a****** think or say or write or post or read I’m still Gona follow mike

  • sean

    Hey Guys,

    I was about 30% bf at 98kg, dropped to 78kg 12% bf over 3 months using his 6pack shortcuts program, think it was the first one he came out with. He is an extremely good marketer (or has a very good one working for him) constant emails which lead you to want to find out more and then have to go to his website. I think what he is doing is a good thing as it set the foundation for my transformation with good information and a training program which increased in volume and intensity each week while the diet stayed the same throughout the 3 months. I still even refer the workouts and diet protocol to friends and family looking to lose weight as everything is HIIT it drops off quick.

  • Lair

    It’s funny, so many scam artists on here…..sure they all work…….but yes they’re all out to make a buck or two. The first link I clicked on above mentioned my this author wants $29 LOL! They’re no different from each other. All claim they’re the best. Well here’s some free advice, please don’t send me money LOL! Eat less caloires. If you do over endulge, make sure you know the calorie count. Work out accordingly to burn them off. Drink a lot of water daily. Cut down on sugar & bad fats (look it up). Everyone has a six pack, it’s just getting the layers of fat off on top of it that you need to work on. Yes sit ups do help shape them along with similar lower body twisting & lifting type of exercises. Also make sure you work on your LEGS! Have you ever seen a guy with big legs & a small top half? No, but a big top & tiny legs yes! That’s because they use the most lung energy to work out on along with others in that region. trust me, I don’t want your money, I’m an ex-powerlifting champ , kick boxer & boxer. I know what works & what doesn’t. Good luck all!

  • andy

    It took a lot of effort to get down to 5% bf and guess what, the wife decides now she doesn’t like abs and vascularity on me so much. And no, other women aren’t clamoring over me, I just get guys in the gym asking me about steroids and “what’s my secret”.

    And there’s no frickin shortcut to getting abs. Unless you count lipo, so quit with the continual crunches; Go train your back and legs guys. There’s more to life than abs and biceps…

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