5 Tips to Building Lean M ...

building lean muscle
Many people want six pack abs. Having a six pack tells people you know what you’re talking about when it… continue »

2015 CrossFit Open ...

crossfit open 15.1
In preparation to find "The Fittest man/woman/team on Earth", CrossFit holds an Open every year. The Open is available to… continue »

Beast Sports Amphetalean ...

beast sports amphetalean orange cooler review
I had the opportunity to try Beast Sports' Amphetalean, Orange Cooler flavor and give you my honest review about this… continue »
lose weight in 10 days or less

If you’ve ever told someone you want to lose weight in 10 days or less, they probably looked at you like, “OK, you’re crazy. That’s impossible.” But the truth is…it’s very possible and has been done by many people. The secret is 1) diet and 2) exercise and I’ve even… Read article »

3 leg strengthening exercises

Why Perform Leg Strengthening Exercises? I bet we all know someone (or have seen someone in the gym) who looks like they don’t work out their legs at all. Chicken leg disorder is common among those that do not perform leg strengthening exercises. This is an unfortunate sight to see,… Read article »

peanut butter protein shake recipe

Why a Peanut Butter Protein Shake is Good for You I can’t tell you how much I love peanut butter (and making a peanut butter protein shake is sounding really delicious right now!). I grew up eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day for lunch. They were quick, simple… Read article »


What does the best post workout protein shake consist of? Simply put: protein and simple sugars. Did you know that after a workout your metabolism is at its highest? Drinking a high calorie protein shake after a hard workout isn’t recommended especially if you enjoy eating more food throughout the… Read article »

best time to workout

And the best time to work out is… Let’s face it, whether you’re a professional bodybuilder, 9-to-5-er, or stay-at-home parent, finding time to work out can be a challenge. There are people all over the world right now trying to decide if working out right now is their best option…. Read article »