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beast sports creature pink lemonade review
This review will be on the Beast Sports' Creature: Pink Lemonade Creatine Complex. Beast Sports claims this product has "five… continue »

My Calves Are Extremely S ...

sore calves
Upon getting back into shape, I decided to start doing the TSC Heart of a Champion program by Chris Krueger… continue »

KillCliff Review ...

Ever since I started doing CrossFit, I've seen a LOT of KillCliff advertisements. KillCliff (KC) sells specialized recovery drinks, protein… continue »
building lean muscle

Many people want six pack abs. Having a six pack tells people you know what you’re talking about when it comes to nutrition and exercise. But many people have a hard time getting a six pack, losing weight, and building lean muscle. Why? Because they’re not doing the 5 most… Read article »

weight loss frustration

Grrr…No matter what I try, I can’t seem to lose weight! We’ve all been there. You tell yourself you want to lose weight right now but you wait until New Year’s Day to make that a resolution. When New Year’s Day comes, you try to work out as hard as… Read article »