For the past 10 weeks (starting on Sept. 28, 2013), I have been working out while following the TSC Heart of a Champion Program. Why? Because this program makes most sense to me. It focuses on 2 basic principles: Real training and proper nutrition…aka COMMON SENSE.

Over the years, I have tried going to the gym on my own following some body beast working and eating program, P90X, and other diet and workout programs. None of them worked for me. Why? Simply because these types of programs are designed to entice you to buy their products and supplements. While most of these programs DO work for a lot of people, and many people have achieved awesome results, they just didn’t work for me. I came across the TSC Heart of a Champion Program and it looks promising so I gave it a shot for the last 70 days. Here is my first video, Day 0, initial 300 Challenge test:

The guy behind this program is Chris Krueger. I love watching his videos because he talks using common sense. He doesn’t try to sell you on fat burning pills, protein powders, energy drinks, or supplements. He stands behind his “real training and proper nutrition” slogan 100% of the time. To me, I am motivated by seeing his body transformation because of these principles. I have always believed that a good body (inside and out) could be achieved through eating the right foods, getting enough sleep, drinking water, training hard, and being consistent.

Now, I’m not saying I’m already in the best shape of my life (because I’m not, yet), but what I am saying is that I’m setting up foundational principles that will keep me feeling healthy and balanced for the rest of my life. When I worked out doing P90X, I got to day 60 and still didn’t see results. I was doing the workouts, following their nutrition plan to the best of my ability, but still wasn’t satisfied mainly because throughout each workout, I would find myself dreading the next day’s training. I really don’t like doing workouts for the sake of doing workouts. I like working out and having a goal or challenge in mind about how I want to feel and what I want to look like at the end of the program. With P90X, I wasn’t visualizing the end results which is why I didn’t complete the program. The TSC Program, however, allows me to focus on my short-term and long-term goals while achieving success each day.

Each week, on Saturday, I test my achievements by doing a 300 Challenge. This challenge is designed to help individuals become the best they can be through real training and proper nutrition. The 300 Challenge includes 3 events: Maximum number of pull-ups/chin-ups, maximum number of push-ups, and a 3 mile run as fast as possible. At the end of each week, we test ourselves to see how far we’ve come with our weekly training. I can successfully say that within ten weeks of training, I am now able to run 3 miles 9 minutes faster than I have in my entire life, can do 3 chin-ups, and 23 push-ups. This is a big accomplishment for me and here’s what I look like on Day 69, just 10 weeks later:

TSC Heart of a Champion Results: Day 0 to Day 69

This program is all about instilling proper training and nutrition habits into its user’s minds so that they can become solid athletes long-term. Check out the video below to see why I believe in this program.

Although it is clear that Chris was physically fit before his transformation, it is clear to me that his program will allow any individual to build muscle and burn fat. After 10 weeks of real training and proper nutrition, I have lost 12 pounds and 5 inches off of my waist. I have also dropped my body fat percentage from 33% to 23% in just 10 weeks! The program is 10 weeks long but I will be training much longer than that! This is a long-term, life-long pursuit that I am willing to pursue. Not only will I transform my body on the outside, I will have instilled a belief in myself that I have never been able to do. I will have stuck with something long enough to see actual results and this keeps me motivated.

A Little About My Recent Background

When I started working out doing P90X, I was really motivated. I would watch every video about Tony Horton I could, I would read as many articles as I could, and I would listen to anything I could get my hands on regarding P90X and how to maximize my efforts. I made it to day 60 without seeing ANY results and I lost hope. I was unhappy because I didn’t see any physical changes. Even though I took a before picture, I didn’t see any muscle definition anywhere and this made me mad! I then went out of town for the holidays and gave up on working out because apparently it “didn’t work.”

A few years later, I developed an inguinal hernia in my groin that affected how I sat, walked, and ran. I was gaining weight by the day. I remember back a few months ago (just before I had the surgery to remove the hernia), and I was pigging out on oreos, cakes, cookies, ice cream (soy ice cream – I don’t eat dairy), and any other junk I could because I simply did not care what happened to my body. I was in so much pain physically that I thought food would help me get through the pain but all it did was hurt me. Thankfully I was able to see a surgeon and get the hernia removed on Aug. 17 2013. This was my first surgery ever. I never knew how much I missed walking and running after being forced to lay in bed for 2 weeks straight while healing. I could barely even stand up to go to the bathroom. I was in so much pain. Gratefully, after 6 weeks of recovery, I was on my way to eating healthier and discovered the TSC Heart of a Champion program.

I have watched every single one of Chris’ videos mainly because I like listening to people who speak with common sense. When I listen to Chris, this is what I hear: “If you want to lose weight and gain muscle, you have to eat right and use proper training.” Simple enough, right? Right. And so I have been doing just that for the last 70 days.

Every morning, Monday through Saturday, I get up between 5:30am and 6:00am and head down to my local gym. Every other day I either weight train or do some type of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) exercise to help my heart get stronger and to get more stamina and endurance. I have never been happier with how I feel. I have been trying to record a video after each workout, along with a daily picture, to track my daily goals and progress. I have also posted signs around my house to help keep me motivated. I also have a workout log that I use to keep track of how much weight I used during each workout along with what times I trained. I log the food I eat using’s MyPlate (free calorie/food tracker). All of these tools combined help me stay on track with my training and nutrition and I look forward to each and every workout. I have never been a fan of running until I found this program. I used to hate running mainly because I didn’t have any goals. But now that I’ve got goals, and my goals are well within reach, I look forward to my 5:30am/6:00am training.

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As I have now completed the TSC Heart of a Champion program, I am focused even more on my long-term goals. I want to become a fitness model. That may sound like a long shot to many of you, especially seeing my “after” pictures but I am going to do this. I have always told myself that there was something in life I was meant to do. What better career is there than one that requires you to maintain peak athleticism, eating a proper nutrition, and looking good? I can’t think of any.

Here’s what my eating schedule looked like:

TSC Heart of a Champion Eating Schedule

So what’s next for me? I am going to be doing another program called the MFT28. This program is more of an “extreme” workout but it looks promising. I want to push myself even harder than I did with the TSC Program. Now that I’ve got a set goal in mind, I am going to take on this new challenge. Take a look at MFT28 below:

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  • Skarven Nordmann

    Cool man! Glad youre getting back in shape

    • Mike

      Thanks! I’m doing my best.

  • kuldeep

    its good to see you to get back in shape. But exactly how many pushups and pull ups chin ups you do every day

    • Mike

      At the start of the program, I could only do 1 pullup and about 12 pushups. At the end, I was able to consecutively do 6 pullups and 39 pushups (which I think is a good improvement).

  • Jamarcus Legg

    I would love to join this program

  • Jonath Kerk-Wilder

    Hey Mike, it is now 3yrs on.
    Do you have any progress to share please?

    • Mike

      Yeah! Still working out, feeling great. I’ve found out that my body doesn’t respond well to creatine or BCAAs – not sure what the problem is but am now sticking to eating a diet rich of whole, plant-based foods.

  • Grant

    Hello, just curious as to how you’re doing now. What have the last years looked like for you? Are you still training? What does your body look like now? Because I’m in similar shape to you before you started tsc… let me know!

    • Mike

      In all honesty, I haven’t been working out much and have gained a few pounds. The TSC program was good but very challenging, especially for a beginner. Running 3 miles every week was the challenging part. But if you have the consistency (with any workout/eating regime), you will see results. Good luck.

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